NotMilk & Cookies Bundle

NotMilk & Cookies Bundle

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Includes 1 quart of Oat NotMilk and 4 vegan salted chocolate chip cookies. Don't forget to dip! 

Our Oat NotMilk is made with just 2 ingredients - filtered water and organic New York State oats. Oh, and we never ever add oil to our oats!

These incredible vegan salted chocolate chip cookies are vegan, grain-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free. Made in NYC by Sixteen Mill Bakeshop with NotMilk Upcycled Organic Almond flour 

*Contains Nuts

Ingredients: Almond butter,* maple syrup,* NotMilk upcycled almond flour,* tapioca, Maple Dark Raaka Chocolate,* Himalayan salt, baking soda