Product Questions:

What ingredients are in NotMilk?

NotMilk is made from all natural ingredients that you pronounce. We never use any additives, emulsifiers or refined sugars in our products. In fact most of our products contain no added sugar at all. 

Why use NotMilk?

NotMilk was designed by two former milk lovers. It mimics that taste and texture of the dairy milk we used to love without the lactose and without the use of additives and stabilizers. 

Do you use sweetener or sugar in your milk?

We never use any artificial sweeteners or refined sugars in our products. We do lightly sweeten our product with fresh dates to mimic the light sweetness of dairy milk. 

What is the nutritional information for NotMilk?

NotMilk has not been formally evaluated for nutritional content (that is coming soon!) 

Is NotMilk vegan?

You bet! NotMilk is made from nuts, seeds, grains, and water and is totally and 100% vegan.

Is NotMilk soy and gluten free?

Yes. We do not use soy or gluten in our product. 

Why is NotMilk more expensive than other nut milk brands?

The quick answer - We make it fresh and we use more nuts!

To go into a little more detail:

Making almond milk the right way is expensive. Maintaining a raw, perishable product, paying a premium to source only pesticide-free nuts and using advanced cold-pressing technology is the only way we believe it should be done.

Unlike a lot of cheaper almond milk, our product is cold-pressed and bottled in glass. Moreover, the percentage of nuts in most other brands is significantly lower than ours. That means more flavour enhancers, preservatives and additives, and less of the real, natural goodness which comes from the nuts themselves.

12% – This may not seem like a lot, however most almond milks contain a mere 2-4% almonds and use oils, sugar and other additives to improve the flavour and texture! 

Why does NotMilk have a shorter shelf life than most other nut milks on the market?

At NotMilk we are committed to making fresh products because we believe that fresh tastes best and is better for you! For this reason we do not pasteurise our product or add any chemicals or preservatives to extend shelf life.

Why is NotMilk unpasteurized?

NotMilk is fresh, which means it hasn’t undergone the harmful process of pasteurisation that involves heating and consequently destroying many of the important vitamins and minerals present in the raw, unadulterated product. And besides, just like the taste of fresh orange juice versus the boxed stuff at the store - the fresh taste just tastes better!

Why does NotMilk separate, and is it still good?

This is just the denser nut layer separating from the water. This separation is due to the purity of the product – there are no chemicals or artificial ingredients added to stop this from happening. All you need to do is give the milk a quick shake, and voila! It is good to go!

Does NotMilk need to be refrigerated?

Yes, it is a fresh product with no preservatives or additives. It should be stored between 33 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal shelf life.

Can I freeze NotMilk?
You can (we’ve tried it at home) but we cannot guarantee the shelf life if you do this. Make sure to leave some room in the bottle since NotMilk expands when frozen. 

What should I do with my empty bottles?

We have a bottle return program. You can return clean and empty NotMilk bottles for credit on your next order. 

Where is NotMilk made?

NotMilk is made in NYC

Getting NotMilk: Orders, Delivery, Subscriptions

Can I order NotMilk online?

Yep. Check out our shop

Where else can I buy NotMilk?

Stay tuned! Partnerships are in the works!

Where do you deliver?

Currently, we offer local delivery in Manhattan and Brooklyn. We offer shipping in the tri state area via FedEx overnight. 

What days do you deliver?

We currently deliver milk twice per week on Tuesdays and Fridays. NotMilk is delivered fresh to your door and always within 24 hours of being made. 

How does home delivery work?

When you purchase a subscription on our website, you will receive an email from us confirming your delivery dates and asking for some details about where you would like the milk delivered. You must be present to receive your order (or live in a building with a doorman and refrigerator where your milk can be stored until you return home). 

What if I am away and not able to accept a delivery one week?

We allow you to extend your subscription for up to 2 weeks to account for any travel plans or holidays that may arise. We do confirm your delivery dates in advance but should your travel plans change, as long as you contact us 48 hours before your delivery is scheduled, we can accommodate you!

How will I know when my subscription is over?

Each week after your order is delivered, you will receive a delivery confirmation email. This email will: 1)  let you know that milk was delivered to your address, 2) tell you what the treat of the week is, 3) remind you of your next delivery date, and 4) tell you how many deliveries are remaining.

Is the NotMilk subscription a recurring charge on my credit card?

No. NotMilk is not a recurring subscription. We will only charge your credit card once. If you would like to continue to receive NotMilk after your subscription is up, you will have to reorder online. 

What should I do with my empty bottles?

Give us your empty bottles (or leave them with your doorman for us) and you’ll get $ back for each bottle. 

Still need your question answered? 

We are happy to help. Just email us at hello at notmilknyc.com or DM us on instagram and we will get back to you!