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Golden Turmeric Oat Iced Matcha Latte

When it comes to matcha lattes, we don’t mess around. With a few easy steps, recreate this immune-boosting deliciousness!

Upcycled Almond Flour Banana Bread

This loaf didn’t last in my house for more than 24 hours. 

Chocolate Overnight Oats

NY State grown rolled oats + Fresh Chocolate Oat NotMilk = the creamiest OATlicious overnight oats.

The Perfect Iced Mocha = Chocolate NotMilk + Your Favorite Coffee

The perfect refreshing treat that makes me feel VERY grown-up and like a kid again at the same time. 

Matcha Milk Cubes (or any other flavor!)

Here’s a foolproof way to NEVER let fresh milk go to waste.

Matcha Oat & Upcycled Almond Flour Pancakes

Pair with a cup of ceremonial grade matcha for a sustained and focused weekend caffeine boost.

Strawberry NotMilkshake

We took our strawberry milk to the next level by making the perfect Strawberry NotMilkSHAKE. 

Horchata Reishi Banana Ice Cream

Goodbye to vegan ice cream alternatives in the grocery store aisle packed with oils, gums, and questionable sugar replacements. Hello guilt-free midnight snack!

Horchata Reishi Cold Brew

The best way to enjoy Horchata Reishi NotMilk? With coffee, of course.

AB&BLJ (PB&J, the NotMilk way)

Here’s our take on the “on the run meal” for every working mom - presenting the AB&BLJ! Great for breakfast or lunch, or a sneaky healthy snack!

Quick and Easy Chia Pudding

The perfect quick, easy breakfast prep for when it's too hot to cook or you just don't wanna.

And notes from our founders.

How is nut milk made, and why is ours different?

Why fresh nut milk is really different from the stuff you buy at the store.

So you thought nut milk was new, huh?

Nut milks have been around for centuries. Read more for a brief history of why nut milk was made in Medieval times. 

Come Celebrate Small with Us

COVID has changed everything. In NYC, being a close knit and very proximate community, we feel these changes even more than most. Small businesses, the ones that make NYC the unique, crazy, wonderful melting pot you know and love are hurting. We miss your beautiful faces, the busy streets, the energy you can feel when we are all together.

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