Our story

We started as two sisters living in NYC. We are both vegetarians and lovers of our city and our planet. We love to cook, create, and we are addicted to coffee! Being lactose intolerant, we eventually got sick of consuming the mass-produced, chemically-enhanced, overly processed, and ultra-pasteurized nut milk that was widely available on grocery shelves. Once we started to blend and hand-squeeze our almond milk at home, we knew we could never go back to the other stuff. It just tasted gross!

We had stumbled on this amazing product that was light, refreshing, clean, healthful, and best of all - chug-able! Have you ever wanted to chug boxed nut milk? I think not.

And so... NotMilk was born.

With our commitment to a zero-waste production process, we knew we needed to find a way to use the leftover pulp from the milk-making process. We quickly expanded to creating organic, upcycled pantry staples like almond butter and flour, and we're constantly experimenting in our kitchen, always in search of creative ways to repurpose anything left over. Read more about our zero-waste process here!

Our People

Before we introduce you to our team... we want to recognize those who helped get us to where we are today - especially my sister and co-founder Susan Piñeres.

As stated above, we literally wouldn't have NotMilk if it weren't for you!

Susan Piñeres - Susan and I started with a dream to build our own business, just like our mom! We worked together tireless nights and weekends, all while working day jobs to make ends meet. We spent countless hours making milk, testing recipes, designing packaging, coming up with fun ways to use almond meal, and delivering milk! Not to mention all of the tastings, markets and endless food photography for IG! It was grueling but it was oh so much fun to do it with my sister!

Kesu James - A special thank you to Kesu James, who believed in us from the beginning. A born and raised Brooklynite, he helped us launch our tiny company back in 2015 with his creative storytelling skills and his love for our mission, our city, and our planet. 

Meet Our Team

Gabrielle Reisner

Carolyn James

Founder, Chief NotMilk Officer

What’s your favorite NotMilk and way to use it?
At the moment, Horchata Reishi in my morning coffee!

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working? I work a lot so there isn’t much free time!! But, when I’m off, I love to ride my bike and relax in a park. In the summer, I love to go for a swim!

What’s your secret healthy living hack?
Drinking lots of water and always bringing a piece of fruit to snack on in case I get hungry when I’m on the go!

What’s your go-to NYC borough or neighborhood?
Fort Greene! I love the Saturday morning market at Fort Greene with everyone out and about walking their dogs watching their kids play.

Gabrielle Reisner

Gabrielle Reisner

Director, Business Development

What’s your favorite NotMilk and way to use it?
Almond, plain and simple! NotMilk almond truly tastes like almonds - instead of the processed gummy flavor you find in the supermarket. I could drink a whole bottle of almond milk straight - it’s so light and refreshing. I also use it in my iced matcha latte every morning.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working? My side hustle is being a singer songwriter. I love to record and perform music.

What’s your secret healthy living hack?
Getting outside at least 1 hour each day. Jogging, biking, or sitting in the park. It’s so important!

What’s your go-to NYC borough or neighborhood?

BK baby. It’s slower here.

Myndi Prosper

Head of Operations

What’s your favorite NotMilk and way to use it?
Macadamia - the 'cream' on top is excellent in coffee.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?  I'm really into making my own food and fermentation. I make my own breads, kombucha, yogurt, vegan "sausage", tofu, etc. I cook a lot. 

What’s your secret healthy living hack?
Cook what you eat. 

What’s your go-to NYC borough or neighborhood?

I don't really go out. I love my home. It's my sanctuary.

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