Our story

We started as two sisters living in NYC. We are vegetarians, lovers of our city and our planet. We love to cook, create, and we are addicted to coffee! Being lactose intolerant, we were blending our own fresh hand-squeezed almond milk and after one taste we knew we could never go back to that mass-produced, chemically-enhanced, ultra-pasteurized nut milk. It’s gross! We were just fine with “NO MILK”.

Then we met Kesu, a born and raised Brooklynite who also loves his city, the planet, and to cook, and to create! For years he’d made a career as a commercial storyteller for brands and products he believes in. He quickly fell in love with our idea, and one of the sisters too! He insisted that “NO MILK” for us could be NotMilk for everyone.

And so... NotMilk was born.

(But only after he proposed!)

Carolyn James - Founder & Chief NotMilk Officer, Susan Pineres - Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Kesu James Founder & Creative Director

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