The Perfect Iced Mocha = Chocolate NotMilk + Your Favorite Coffee

Remember when you were a teenager and you were just starting to get interested in coffee? I would always order an iced mocha at the coffee shop near my high school. It was the perfect refreshing treat that made me feel VERY grown-up and like a kid again at the same time. 

Every once in a while, on a Friday when it’s almost the weekend, it becomes my mission to get this feeling again. I discovered that mixing Chocolate Oat NotMilk with cold brew coffee is better than anything I’ve ever gotten from a café. Give it a good stir to really blend the flavors, but are we ever really mad when the chocolate sinks to the bottom and that first sip you get through a straw is so much chocolate-y goodness? 

Instructions - Just add ice to your glass, and add 50/50 cold brew + Chocolate Oat Notmilk. Adjust the ratio to your liking! My favorite Cold Brew, as always, is Wandering Bear, but anything works! I’ve even done it before with regular French press coffee, refrigerated overnight.